Student FAQs

When are classes for the next semester put up?

For Fall semester, most classes are put up in mid-August. For Spring semester, most classes are put up in mid-January.

When can I start applying to DeCals? When are applications due?

Application deadlines are dependent on the DeCal course. Make sure you read the “How to Enroll” section of your desired DeCal.

Can I take DeCals for a grade?

No, all courses are P/NP.

How can I create a DeCal?

See our “Facilitator” tab! There are five steps:

  1. Develop a Syllabus
  2. Find a Faculty Sponsor: a lecturer not a GSI
    1. To ensure that the course is in the department
    2. Approving the course syllabus
    3. supervising/mentoring students
  3. Complete the Course Proposal Form (CPF)
  4. Attend a Workshop Offered Through the Student Learning Center (SLC)
  5. Turn in CPF to your Department and Academic Senate

See our Facilitator FAQs for more details.

Facilitator FAQs

How to Submit a Class to the DeCal Website
  1. Login into the DeCal Website.
  2. Click on 'Dashboard' on the upper right hand corner of the website.
  3. Click on the yellow 'Submit a Course for Approval' button.
  4. Follow the steps until completion of form.
  5. After submission, you should receive a confirmation email.
  6. Check your email for any status changes.
  7. You may go back and make edits to all course information, expect the Course Name, so make sure that it is correct in the beginning.
  8. Please check your email if your course is rejected and make edits according to comments. Please feel free to email us at decalprogram@gmail.com if you have any further questions.
Common Mistakes
  1. Select the correct semester: Spring 2019
  2. Upload both the CPF and Syllabus
  3. CPF must be complete: meaning ALL the signatures are completed, the units form is uploaded, etc.
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